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Rolex’s Big Kahuna, Part 1

And now we come to it folks. Rolex’s most iconic (yes the term is overused, but this is where it fits) model, the Submariner. People everywhere know it. Even people who know nothing about watches know it. James Bond wore one before movie product placement was a thing. So did Steve McQueen. In fact in […]

New or Used Rolex?

Have you ever had an old pair of jeans that you got new, when they were crisp and hard. In fact they were damn uncomfortable to wear the first month or so. Then after time they softened up a bit and became more supple, they started to mould to your body and the way you […]

The (new) Classic Submariner 114060

After years of uncertainty on the classic no-date Submariner, Rolex revitalized the model and updated it the refinements found on other Rolex watches. While other Rolex watches were updated with case upgrades, bracelet and dial upgrades, the classic Rolex Submariner 14060 kept the traditional “tuna can” clasp, hollow bracelet links, and pierced lugs. For years, […]

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