October 2013 - Beckertime, LLC

Rolex Announces Mentors

From their many years of being a privately held company, Rolex donates a portion of through the Wilsdorf private trust that Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf established after his wife died back in the mid-1960. Wilsdorf established the foundation such that company profits go back into the arts, an area that his wife loved as well […]

Rolex, POW, and a Great Escape (updated)

Any good story has a great plot complete with setting, conflict that rises throughout the story to some type of climax, then a resolution. The story of the late Lieutenant Gerald Imeson Rolex watch has the same elements. Imeson’s Rolex chronograph is making headlines around the globe because it up for auction on November 6 […]

In the era of the smartwatch, arguments for Rolex

Back in August and covered here on Beckertime, there were multiple pundits slamming Rolex watches. MSNBC contributor Timothy Noah wrote that, “…for any politician who didn’t enter office a wealthy man, nothing says ‘I take bribes’ like a Rolex watch.” Columnist Mark Shields wrote about the “Rolex gene”, opining that people who wear Rolex have […]

One Man’s View About His Watch

More and more emphasis is being put on how we style and adorn ourselves, this being a way of us outwardly projecting subconsciously how we feel and how we want to be seen. The ladies have a whole plethora of accessories (lucky them) ranging from shoes, to handbags, a whole manner of jewellery and not […]

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