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THE Social Media Buzz of Baselworld

Wow! Baselworld press day wasn’t even over. The public hadn’t yet been admitted to the hallowed halls. That wouldn’t happen for another day. And yet, social media was already vibrating with talk of the surprise new reference from Patek Philippe. In case you’re both a watch geek AND have been living under a rock – […]

Rolex Throws One To The Geeks

Press Day at Baselworld and elsewhere here on the blog, my colleague Dave Kaiten is rubbing my nose in the fact that he’s there and I’m not. Meanwhile, over at the Rolex booth… Calibre 3255 just landed. Rolex is touting the new movement as the first of a new generation. Twice the precision of an […]

Baselworld – Day 1

Seen as Christmas come early, or rather late depending on your viewpoint. Either way it is an event seen as a boon to all watchnerds and geeks out there. Baselworld, the world’s largest and most attended luxury watch (and jewellery) exhibition. And that is exactly where I am right now. Typing these words to hopefully […]