What Makes Rolex Watches so Valuable?

Have you ever met anyone who has never heard the name Rolex? Me, either. The brand has such a renowned global standing that everyone, old or young, rich or poor, recognizes it immediately, whether they have the least interest in horology or not. It is by far the world’s most valuable watchmaker, worth somewhere in […]

What To Expect From Rolex in 2019

Trying to predict what the world’s most successful watchmaker will come up with year after year is something even the most knowledgeable horology experts admit is far more about luck than judgment. Rolex is notoriously fanatical about safeguarding its secrets. Typically, anyone bragging about having the inside scoop on the goings-on in Geneva is usually […]

Important Parts of a Rolex Watch: The Bezel

We have now reached the third chapter of our Important Parts of a Rolex Watch series—our in-depth look at all the physical components that make up a Rolex watch. For this installment, we’re studying the Rolex bezel. And, depending on the model, the bezel can be a decorative element or a functional part of the […]

The Rolex Milgauss

If the Submariner and GMT-Master are Rolex’s Lennon and McCartney, then the Milgauss is most definitely the George Harrison. All released around the same time, the world’s favorite diver and the world’s favorite traveler have been overshadowing their dark horse band mate for the last 60-plus years. A watch created especially for scientists was never […]

Important Parts of a Rolex Watch: The Rolex Case

Welcome to the next chapter of our Important Parts of a Rolex Watch series where we’re studying each component of a Rolex in great detail. Following our in-depth look at the movements that power Rolex watches, we’re now turning our attention to the part that not only protects the movement but is arguably the most […]

The Rolex Oysterdate

Rolex as a brand is now so well known throughout the world that is has very few secrets left. Everybody, and I mean literally everybody, knows the name and can probably list at least one or two of the more famous models off the top of their heads, even if they have zero interest in […]