What Makes Rolex Watches so Valuable?

Have you ever met anyone who has never heard the name Rolex? Me, either. The brand has such a renowned global standing that everyone, old or young, rich or poor, recognizes it immediately, whether they have the least interest in horology or not. It is by far the world’s most valuable watchmaker, worth somewhere in […]

The Rolex Submariner

When talking about the Rolex Submariner, you tend to run out of superlatives very quickly. It is, without doubt, the most instantly recognizable dive watch ever made. It is, quite probably, the most instantly recognizable watch of any kind ever made. It is the best selling model from the world’s leading watchmaker. It has inspired […]

The Rolex Datejust

This Rolex Datejust guide makes a strong case for calling the Datejust the most important watch Rolex has ever produced. It is also far from an outrageous statement to call it one of the most important watches created by any manufacturer in the last hundred years. It’s a design that has gone from revolutionary on […]

The Rolex Day-Date President

The Rolex Day-Date, otherwise known as The President, has been the flagship offering from the brand for the last sixty years. It took over the mantle from the Datejust which was released a little more than a decade earlier. Our Rolex Day-Date President guide details why it is forever positioned as stubbornly elitist. It was only […]

What To Expect From Rolex in 2019

Trying to predict what the world’s most successful watchmaker will come up with year after year is something even the most knowledgeable horology experts admit is far more about luck than judgment. Rolex is notoriously fanatical about safeguarding its secrets. Typically, anyone bragging about having the inside scoop on the goings-on in Geneva is usually […]

The Rolex Date

There are a number of models in the Rolex lineup that have managed to remain, somehow, relatively incognito. It is quite an achievement considering the brand’s status and global renown. Especially when the pieces concerned have been included as part of the catalog for more than half a century. It is generally the watches at […]

The Rolex Air-King

With a production run so long it rivals the perennial Datejust, but always a watch with a more under-the-radar demeanor, the Rolex Air-King stands as one of the most enduring cult classics in the brand’s stable. And much like the other core offerings from the world’s favorite watchmaker, it is a design that was more […]

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual

If you were looking for the foundation stone of Rolex as a brand, the Oyster Perpetual could well be it. The name is made up of the two most important developments in the history of the wristwatch, a duo of innovations by Rolex themselves which not only revolutionized their functionality, but also thoroughly transformed how […]

The Rolex Sea-Dweller

Rolex’s reputation has been forged on their relationship with the sea. It has been their obsession from the beginning and led first to the creation of the Oyster case, the innovation that changed the direction of the wristwatch as we know it. From that day in the 1920s, the company continued to make huge strides, […]

Important Parts of a Rolex Watch: The Bezel

We have now reached the third chapter of our Important Parts of a Rolex Watch series—our in-depth look at all the physical components that make up a Rolex watch. For this installment, we’re studying the Rolex bezel. And, depending on the model, the bezel can be a decorative element or a functional part of the […]