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Scam Recap – What We’ve Learned So Far

OK, let’s recap what we’ve learned the last few weeks about scams that involve alleged Rolex watches. Scam Number 1: we learned that, while a Rolex watch may be genuine, it still may be misrepresented. From simply being overpriced to watches that contain parts not original to that model to out and out fakes, misrepresentation take […]

Scam: Box and Papers Make the Watch Genuine

The last scam we want to discuss is whether or how “box and papers” verify the genuine nature of a Rolex. It’s a subject we at Beckertime have addressed before. In fact, Matt blogged about it just two weeks ago, discussing how a genuine set of box and papers could be used to sell a […]

Scam: Yet Another Scam: Can You Trust That Dial?

Here’s an insidious scam that we at BeckerTime are particularly concerned about. Can you trust the dial on that vintage Rolex you just bought? This particular scam has three facets: a refinished dial masquerading as original, an artificially patinated dial, and an outright counterfeit. Modern day dial refinishers are very, very good at replicating a […]

Do Non-Rolex Parts Make a Rolex Watch Counterfeit?

We’ve all heard that Rolex says if a watch contains any non-Rolex parts, the watch is counterfeit. Is this a reasonable position? Does it have any basis in law? We at BeckerTime did a little research on this issue and here’s what we found. First, a working definition of “counterfeit” (working definition because we’re not […]

Homages, Damned Homages, And Fakes – Part 3

My last two posts have been discussing the various levels – or grades – of homage watches. Rolex of course, being as popular a brand as it is, is most often the target of those who wish to pay tribute – and profit at the same time. And there is the whole “imitation is the […]

Two Things to Remember with Rolex

A good rule of thumb and sound Rolex advice includes two things to remember when it comes to Rolex. First, don’t buy fakes. Second, when shipping your Rolex, use insured certified mail.  The reasons for these two reminders are because of a series of unrelated stories showing up on the Internet that act as a […]

Having to watch counterfeits

Without question, counterfeit watches are big business. With any high dollar, highly recognized item, knock offs are going to appear. Fakes range from knock-off iPhones, iPhone chargers, Gucci and Hermes, cologne, pharmaceutical drugs, and of course, watches, -all things with demand and dollars attached. Problems with fakes is more than the consumer perceiving that they […]

How many ticks does it take to discern a Rolex

When it comes to identifying whether a Rolex is genuine, it seems that everyone is an expert. In the last few weeks, media outlets have posted, and re-posted, tell-tale signs that a Rolex is real. The weight of the watch, the lettering on the dial, the grammar used in the manual and sales description, whether […]