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Tudor’s New Motor

One of the more exciting things to debut at Baselworld was the new in-house movement from Tudor. The brand, which debuted in 1926 as the brainchild of Hans Wilsdorf himself, was conceived as a more modestly priced brand. The intent was to use movements that were generally available. Thus, R&D expenses did not need to […]

Rolex’s Little Brother

Last week we touched on Tudor’s current releases, the Heritage Ranger and the Heritage Chrono Blue. These seemingly homage watches are actually extensions of popular watches of decades gone by. They represent the tip of a resurfacing iceberg. That of Tudor Watches, which in 2013 came back to US shores. Years and decades ago, Tudor […]

Rolex Tudor Heritage Chrono

When Hans Wilsdorf wanted a watch for the everyman, he knew that his flagship brand, Rolex was not the watch line. So, starting in 1946, Wilsdorf unveiled the Tudor watches complete with a rose flower logo a symbol of the English Tudor dynasty. The first Tudor watches, the Tudor Oyster and Oyster Prince utilized waterproof […]

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